Dapper Disguise

Item Info

Go incognito as a handsome man and enjoy the secret benefits of the exceptionally attractive. High-paying jobs! Erotic encounters! Free bread sticks at the Olive Garden! Eat as many as you can, though, because eventually the mask will rot off, leaving you uglier than before.

IDI: 1030
General Info
Used By: Spy
Item Type: Mask
Item Slot: Misc
Equip Regions: face
Craft Mark: Item has Crafters Name when Crafted
Drop Type: none (Item does not fall off player model on death)

Default Quality: Unique
Level Range: 1 - 100

: 64 [ADI: ]

nameable can_craft_if_purchased can_gift_wrap can_craft_mark can_be_restored strange_parts can_card_upgrade can_strangify can_killstreakify can_consume



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  • Unique (Achievement)

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