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Wrap Assassin

Market Name: Collector's Wrap Assassin

"These lovely festive ornaments are so beautifully crafted, your enemies are going to want to see them close up. Indulge them by batting those fragile glass bulbs into their eyes at 90 mph."

IDI: 648
Item Details
ID: 6039994050 (Modified: 12-Aug-2017 10:47:53)
Original ID: 5819228572 (Created: 28-May-2017 04:27:35)
Level: 15
Quality: 14 (Collector's)
Inventory: 128 (Page 3, Row 3, Column 8)
Quantity: 1
Origin: 22 (Recipe output)
6 keys

Attributes List
ADIAttribute NameValuesFormatDescription
1 damage penalty value: 1051931443
float_value: 0.350
value_is_percentage-65% damage penalty
211 tradable after date value: 1499410800
float_value: 3926454807035904
value_is_date Tradable After: Friday, July 7, 2017 (07:00:00) UTC
278 effect bar recharge rate increased value: 1061158912
float_value: 0.750
value_is_inverted_percentage+25% increase in recharge rate
346 mod bat launches ornaments value: 1065353216
float_value: 1
value_is_additiveAlt-Fire: Launches a festive ornament that shatters causing bleed
500 custom name attr value: The Discount Festive Sandman
float_value: 0
"The Discount Festive Sandman"
501 custom desc attr value: Alt-Fire: Launches a bauble that does absol-fucking-lutely nothing.
float_value: 0
"Alt-Fire: Launches a bauble that does absol-fucking-lutely nothing."
796 min_viewmodel_offset value: 10 0 -6
float_value: 0

Static Attributes: 1
Variable Attributes: 3
Dynamic Attributes: 3

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