Fed-Fightin' Fedora

"This hat commemorates that time you stuck it on a broom and tricked the Feds into shooting at it for an hour while you scooted off with all that bank money. Goes great with all those bullet wounds in your torso from that time you pulled the same trick on much smarter Feds."

IDI: 780
Item Details
ID: 2684992205 (Modified: 17-Jun-2014 21:49:34)
Original ID: 2680818504 (Created: 16-Jun-2014 04:41:18)
Level: 34
Quality: 6 (Unique)
Inventory: 657 (Page 14, Row 1, Column 7)
Quantity: 1
Origin: 0 (Timed Drop)
1.44-1.66 ref

Attributes List
ADIAttribute NameValuesFormatDescription
292 kill eater score type value: 1115684864
float_value: 64
388 kill eater kill type value: 1115684864
float_value: 64
746 cosmetic_allow_inspect value: 1065353216
float_value: 1

Static Attributes: 1
Variable Attributes: 2
Dynamic Attributes: 0

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